About THIS Blog

To keep this short I am just gonna say that I’ll blog about life as a teenager (in India, for obvious reasons like- I live here), the common issues faced, parent-issues and stuff. And yes, I will follow an “Analytic” method, like I will try to analyse the Causality-Root of any problem, and why people do what they do (especially parents).

Also, I have a vivid imagination about the universe and time-travel stuff (Geek corner), hence expect an occasional post in this field, a few articles critiquing some movies will be sprinkled (yes, I am a big-time movie buff).

Now you know the ingredients of my blog, hope you enjoy the dish.

Disclaimer- This blog contains only and only my opinions and views, any person who has any conflict of thoughts can kindly go forth and multiply (yes, it’s totally an euphemism for GFU). #peace


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