About Me

“About Me’s” have always rustled my jimmies, I fail to grasp the elemental concept of  “About Me,” I mean how can I possibly describe/define myself on a webpage using  limited words! It’s so much more, to know “About Me” you can just hang out with me and know for yourself.

I would’ve totally skipped this section in my blog (like I have skipped on Facebook) if it was possible, but IT’s NOT! In a blog the “About Me” section should be conspicuous, so that the readers can connect to the blogger and know what he actually is.

OKAY! I am Amratesh Tiwari, an 18-year-old with a billion ideas and an awesome brain, if my brain was fitted into any other person they would be confused at that instant (so am I), there’s so much shit going on in my mind at any instant of time that figuring one thing out and concentrating on it is a long practiced ART (which I am a noob at)! I am an entrepreneur , with no  start-up’s.  (as a result of the  billion ideas and a hyper-active mind and lack of  start-up funds and resources).

I have a keen interest in writing, (NO! not on notebooks or journals, I’ve written a few articles for some blogs, for the record my class notes were never complete since the 6th grade). My favorite subject is Physics, (totally NOT the physics they teach in schools) the whole idea of Metaphysics just amazes me, so does Astrophysics (oh I read on stars, space, pulsars and anti-matter for days). The concept of “Time Travel” has always flabbergasted and made me ponder, also the time-travel paradoxes and loops, Temporal Causality Loop is my favorite (you know, because I sometimes like to think that i have created the universe, yes it can be proved by the Temporal Causality Loop).

COMPUTERS! I love computers!! Lock me in a room for weeks with some snacks, water and a COMPUTER (ofcourse with internet access) and that’s all I’ll need! I love to learn, hacking particularly interests me. Also, I’m a big-time movie buff.

That’s pretty much “About Me” (sarcasm totally intended).


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